Life Story

Hmmm – the life story.  It’s not super interesting, so consider yourself forewarned!

  • Places I’ve lived: I grew up in Michigan in an agricultural area known as the Thumb Area.  It was a great place to grow up.  The schools were small, the streets (both the paved and the dirt ones) were safe, and the families were supportive.  I’ve lived in SE Michigan for most of my adult life, as well as North Carolina, Atlanta (for a summer internship), and Los Angeles (El Segundo to be specific).
  • Places I went to school: I attended Alma College.  Similar to the Thumb Area, Alma College was an incredibly supportive environment with faculty and staff who cared about you as an individual and pushed you to achieve.  We often referred to our experience as the “Alma bubble” as the overall positive environment there was hard to burst.  Years later, I then took a leap of faith, borrowed lots of money, and pursued an MBA at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.
  • Places I’ve worked: My first job was as a marketing analyst at a political polling and market research firm called Market Opinion Research in Detroit.  And don’t let anyone fool you, working in Downtown Detroit, current politics notwithstanding, was GREAT! The restaurants, the theatres, the sporting events – all top notch.  And now, there is even a riverfront to walk!  While in business school, I interned at Emory Crawford Long Hospital, I then headed out for a job in Los Angeles at the LA Times.  If you are young and single and living east of the Mississippi – I’d highly recommend heading west for a while – a great experience!  After a few years, the desire to head back home to the Midwest closer to family hit hard.  I spent most of my time working in marketing at MORPACE International or Doner Advertising and the remainder playing pretty hard.  Not surprisingly, with that lifestyle, it took a long time to find my soul-mate!
  • Things that would surprise you:  While at Alma College, I joined the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and was even president for a year.  Let me say that this was core to my beginning understanding of human resource and conflict management, event planning, strategic and marketing planning, and financial planning!  And while I’m not in touch with my sisters often, we can pick up conversations like we see each other every day!  The other surprise – I skydived (once!) while living in CA.  What was I thinking?!
  • Where are we now: When Doug & I finally met, things went fast – they had to as we already had grey hair setting in.  We married, had two children, changed addresses three+ times, changed jobs, and are now settling in to the work and family life – at Over 40!