“Over 40”has several meanings for me!  It represents my age, my work-life (the full-time approach), and when I will experience the majority of my young child raising!  I’m one of those over-40 mothers still struggling to adapt from a rather structured but extremely flexible work and social life with ample sleep to one that has been turned upside down by the addition of two wonderful children.  And to top it off, Over-40 also seems to be the time when your body starts to malfunction – yes, the screenings have now begun.

I live in SE Michigan with an incredible husband and dad who along with me, is attempting to enjoy every moment of our two boys, ages 4 and 1, while maintaining full-time jobs, a home, financial security, and importantly, our sanity!

This is my first time as a blogger & I’m feeling Over 40 all over again!  So please bear with me as I learn the trade, the lingo, and the layout.  This blog is part personal and part professional.   Personally, I enjoy writing but have little time to do it, and I am curious about this new (okay not so new, but I’m Over 40) communication form.  Professionally, I keep advocating that we need to pay attention to blogging and social media – so for credibility’s sake, it’s time to get at it myself!  We’ll see where this all goes!